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Send a Vet to RWB Trail Running Camp

— Update —

Fun times were had by six loons who loves some hill repeats. Started with rain and lightning, ended with some sun peaking out from the clouds. After 106 repeats run and additional $$ donations by people who couldn’t join us on the hill, I sent RWB Trail Running camp $200.



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The RWB Trail Running camp is one of the most special weekends I’ve had a opportunity to experience. This Memorial Day weekend, I’d like to raise money that helps fund this amazing camp.

How you can help —

Hill Repeats for $$

Saturday, May 23rd, 6:30am.

I’ll be doing hill repeats at the Hill of Life in Austin, TX. Come join me and for every mile you run, I’ll donate a dollar from a the matching pool.

Route will include normal repeats and cliff loops. Come start early or join later. My plan is for 25-30 miles so I’ll be out there for a while, rain or shine. It will be humid so bring plenty of fluids. I’ll have some ice.


For every dollar you donate this Memorial Day weekend (Friday 5/22/15 to Monday 5/25/15), I’ll match your donation dollar for dollar (total matching pool is currently $250 — see below to help raise the matching pool).

To donate go here:

Send me a picture / screen capture of your receipt via my contact form and I’ll match your contribution.

Provide Matching Funds

Matching funds are a great way to increase the power of giving. If you or your company, want help increase the matching pool, please contact me.

Spread the word

The more the merrier.


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