Trail Running in Texas & beyond

Sept 22 28


Monday — Strictly Strength @ Travis County Strength. DONE

Tuesday — 2hr. Tejas Trails, Bull Creek / Forest Ridge. Completed 90 minutes. Good running.

Wednesday — Strictly Strength @ Travis County Strength (Squats). DONE. Good workout with the core being 50 goblet squats and then 5×5 back squats @65% max + 15 pounds. Plus weighted tire drags and other fun stuff.

Thursday — 1hr 30m. Tejas Trails, Hill of Life. Completed 80 minutes – would have gotten the full 90 but had to help a biker off the Hill of Life who wiped out pretty badly.

Friday — rest

Saturday — 4hrs.  Completed 21 miles, fun times.

Sunday — 2hr, easy. Done, light jog + power hiking.

Notes: solid week though definitely felt a bit sluggish on Tuesday after Rough Creek and a hard workout on Monday but felt better as the week went on.


Monday — Strictly Strength @ Travis County Strength

Tuesday —1hr 30m. Tejas Trails, St Eds / Forest Ridge

Wednesday — 1hr 30m. Bull Creek / Forest Ridge

Thursday — 1hr 30m. Tejas Trails, Craig Os.

Friday — rest

Saturday — 2 hours. Easy.

Sunday — Lake Georgetown loop (27 miles)

Notes: New job starts Wednesday means I’ll need to rework my gym / weights schedule. Also time to add back in the 5th day of running.  October’s goal is to get a consistent 50-60 miles per week and then start adding interval / speed / high intensity work in mid-November.

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