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Sept 15-21 / Rough Creek Race


Monday — Strictly Strength @ Travis County Strength — DONE

Tuesday — 1hr 15m. Tejas Trails, Riverplace — DONE

Wednesday — Strictly Strength @ Travis County Strength — DONE

Thursday — 1hr 15m. Tejas Trails, St Eds — NOPE, work delayed turned into massive rains.

Friday — rest — GOT THIS

Saturday — Rough Creek Marathon — SEE BELOW

Sunday — 2hr, easy. — 1hr DONE.

Rough Creek Marathon Recap

Woke up at 3:30am to head up to Glen Rose for the Rough Creek Marathon. In a self-fulfilling prophecy, I wasn’t feeling too confident about this run. A poor long run the weekend before and knowing it was going to be a humid day didn’t contributed to just feeling blah as I lined up and the first 3 miles, which are easy and flat, were sluggish feeling. I was forewarned of the Rusty Crown that you get to run up 13 times per loop in short but steep jabs. Those were fun and didn’t really bother me much but on the otherwise easy flats, I just didn’t have much pep and I was overheating early with all the humidity. I noticed my form was all out of sorts and I wasn’t straight and extended through the hips. In retrospect, a heavy leg squat workout a few days prior wasn’t the best idea.

The second loop settled into quite a bit of power-hiking along with some jogging. As I got hot, I drank a lot of water and ended up a bit sloshy and nauseous. I never really acclimated to the heat this year and, even in the best of times, I am not a hot weather runner.  I have dropped better runs than this but I figured there was really no reason to drop and the team needed points in the series so on I went. I was surprised that no one really caught me those long last 6 miles and eventually the run came to an end. Despite the overall place (6th) and age division win, I can’t say it was a good performance but all runs are worthwhile and it was good to run some new trails. David puts on a great race and it was nice to see North Texas friends.



THIS WEEK – Sept 22 to 28

Monday — Strictly Strength @ Travis County Strength

Tuesday — 2hr. Tejas Trails, Bull Creek / Forest Ridge

Wednesday — Strictly Strength @ Travis County Strength (Squats)

Thursday — 1hr 30m. Tejas Trails, Hill of Life

Friday — rest

Saturday — 4hrs

Sunday — 2hr, easy.

Focus for this week: Solid Tues / Thurs runs for full-time. Steady running at easy to moderate effort.

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