Trail Running in Texas & beyond

2013 Races & Reports

Jan:  Bandera 50k – no race report.  Race summary:  bad day, twisted back, 6:30ish finish

Feb:  Rocky Raccoon Nature Center Aid Station Coordinator

March:  Nueces 50k – Race report. 5:06 / 8th overall.

April:  Hells Hills 50m.  DNF’ed at running the first 34 miles in 5:40.

May:  —

June:  Dirty 30 (50k).  7,700ft el.  6:47.  Race summary:  tough race.  loved the course.  good prep for Tahoe.

July:  Tahoe Rim 100m!  First 100 miler.  Race Report.  28:02:14.  40th overall.



Oct:  Paceface 30k

Nov:  —

Dec:  —